We seek and demonstrate the truth

We investigate in order to seek the truth and provide an investigation report admissible in a legal action.

Solvest investigates for individuals facing family issues or any civil litigation. A preliminary appointment is set before starting the investigation in order to define the legal framework of the mission, its aim and the means required to achieve it. We will therefore be able to provide a price quote adapted to your needs.

Once the investigation started, Solvest informs you about its progress and its first results. We can decide together to adjust the investigation strategy and the resources deployed depending on the first findings.

At the end of the mission, we write a detailed report relating the investigation findings. This report can be sent to the judge in order to defend your interests. The private investigators reports are admissible in a legal action as long as they respect some fundamental rules regarding privacy and the proportionality in the means deployed.



Check and demonstrate the adultery relationship of your spouse and its repetitive nature

People tracing

Tracing people whose disappearance is causing concern, or a relative who has been lost from sight

Educational deficiency

Demonstrate inappropriate behaviors that jeopardize the education or safety of your children

Alimony payment

Obtain information about your ex-spouse's financial and family situation before an alimony reassessment

Compensatory allowance

Analysis of your ex-spouse's financial and personal situation and evidence as part of a dispute on compensatory allowance

Internet and your privacy

Audit of your privacy and your personal data exposure on the internet, advise you on asserting your right of oblivion

Minors relationships

Check the harmful relationships of your minor child or a vulnerable relative who may be facing a risk due to bad influences

And more...

Solvest can investigate in any dispute you may be facing as an individual. Tell us about your issue and we will find together the best strategy.


You suspect your spouse to have an adulterous relationship? You are considering a divorce, or it is already underway? Solvest investigates to answer your questions and bring material evidence for the Family Court Judge. In most cases, the investigation will be performed on-site to demonstrate the adulterous relationship and its repeated nature. In the case of divorce proceedings, the evidence may play an important role in the consequences of the divorce: custody and financial arrangements, attribution of the principal residence.

Alimony and compensatory allowance

The alimony and compensatory allowances may be reevaluated, whether due by your ex-spouse or yourself. A change in the personal or professional situation is the origin of the reevaluation in most cases. You will need tangible evidence to demonstrate a major change in your ex-spouse’s incomes, lifestyle or family situation. A private investigator will perform administrative, financial or on-site investigation and provide a final report admissible by the Family Court Judge.

Minors and vulnerable people relationships

You are concerned about the relationships of your minor child or a vulnerable relative. They may have relationships leading to addictive behaviors, indoctrination, isolation. It may even lead to abuse of weakness or harassment. These situations endanger the people concerned. Solvest checks your vulnerable relatives relationships by investigating on-site or on the internet and the social networks.

Educational deficiency

Your children custody is shared with your ex-spouse, and you suspect him or her to have behaviors that could affect their education or even their safety? It may be negligence, addictive behavior, or abuse. Our investigation will firstly confirm or not your suspicions. If those are confirmed, our investigation report will be determinant in a civil or penal proceeding to review your children custody arrangements.

People tracing

When a person’s disappearance is giving rise to concern or suspicions due to its suddenness, circumstances or the profile of the person, the police authorities initiate an investigation. Unfortunately in many cases especially concerning adults, the disappearance is not considered as giving rise to concern and authorities don’t perform any investigation. You may call a private investigator who will investigate meticulously and may use its network on a wide area if necessary. When an adult person will be located, we will require his agreement before providing his contact details.

Internet and your privacy

Data about your privacy may be available on the internet. Some of them may have been published with your consent in a different period of your life. Others may have been published without you even know it. We perform an audit of your privacy exposure on the internet. From a few elements relating to your identity (name, surname, location), we establish your “digital profile”. It is basically a dashboard summarizing your personal data available on the internet, your vulnerabilities, and our recommendations to reduce your privacy exposure. We can also support you in asserting your right of oblivion in compliance with the GDPR rules, and in removing the content related to your privacy.


You are facing a legal issue causing you a prejudice, and you need a private investigator in France?