We adapt our resources to your needs


The prices of private investigators in France are freely set by each agency. Some of them have a hourly pricing while others apply a fixed fee. At Solvest, we adapt our fees to each case and its specificities. Our price is built differently depending on the nature of the investigation: purely administrative or on site. In any case, our price quotes are presented in a transparent way and prevent you from any surprise once the investigation completed.

Free appointment

At Solvest, there is no fee charged for the appointment, indifferently of its outcome.

On-site investigations

In the case of investigations performed mainly on-site (surveillance, interviews), the cost will depend on the following elements:

  • The duration of the investigation. The most informations are communicated before the investigation, the better we will target the right intervention timing, and therefore optimize the time spent on-site and reduce the cost. It is also important to clearly define the aim of the investigation, including the level of recurrence needed to demonstrate the facts.
  • The human and material resources to deploy. They are adapted to the technical constraints specific to each mission.
  • The intervention period. The night and weekend hours are subject to a 25% surcharge.
  • The travel expenses. They are evaluated in the initial quote depending of the known specificities of the case, and then adjusted regarding the travel cost actually supported at the end of the investigation.

Administrative investigations

Some investigation types are subject to a fixed and flat rate. This is the case for the administrative investigations such as people tracing (adresses location), solvency analysis, or auditing your privacy exposure on internet.

Reimbursement of expenses

In civil cases in France, you can claim the reimbursement by the other party for the costs you incurred to defend your rights. We talk about “irrecoverable costs”, and the request for their reimbursement is provided by the article 700 of the Code of Civil Procedure. Expenses incurred for the services of a private investigator may be part of these costs. As for other expenses (attorney fees, bailiff’s report, non-judicial appraisals, etc.), the judge may order a total or partial reimbursement, depending among other things on the situation of the losing party. Read our article to know more about the reimbursement of the private investigation fees.


Even if each case is unique, we want to respect a rigorous process for each of them. A transparent communication with the customer is established throughout the investigation in order to optimize its results. This is expressed by the following steps.

  • First contact

    You tell us about your situation and needs, by phone or email. We realize a first study of feasibility and propose an appointment.

  • Appointment

    We set an appointment in order to delve into your case and needs. We analyze together the legal framework and the environment of the investigation. The appointment is never charged, and it can take place in our offices in Lille Metropole or Dunkirk, or in the offices of your company. Exceptionnaly for customers abroad, we can set an appointment by phone or videoconference.

  • Quote

    We send you a detailed quote adapted to your needs. Thanks to the previous discussions, we are able to better assess the human and material resources to be implemented. On the price quote, we explain the details of our fees as well as an estimation of the travel expenses.

  • Contract

    Once you have accepted our proposal, we sign a contract. It defines the legal framework of our investigation, our obligations, and the general terms and conditions (fees, timeline, payment conditions).

  • Investigations

    We carry out the investigation and implement the resources required. During the investigation, we keep you informed of its outcome and results. We advise you on the direction to give to your issue depending on the investigation progress.

  • Investigation report

    At the end of our investigations, we establish a final report containing the results of our research. It relates in detail the observations made and the evidence obtained. Depending on the aim of your action, the investigation report may be used by you or your counsel in a legal proceeding, or will be a valuable resource of information for the defense of your interests.

    In the final report we engage our responsibility under the Article 441-7 of the French Penal Code, which sanctions the inaccurate statement of fact.