Northern France: Fraud Press Review (May 2020)

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An investigation open for misuse of public funds at the Regional Council, former policemen sentenced in Dunkirk, and a dermatologist sentenced for large scale fraud have made the news in May in the Northern France.

Hauts-de-France: an investigation launched for misuse of public funds at the Regional Council

An investigation has been launched by the public prosecutor’s office in Lille regarding a case of misuse of public funds at the Hauts-de-France Regional Council. This is about the organization of seminars with elected officials belonging to the Les Républicains (LR) and Union des Démocrates Indépendants (UDI) parties in 2018 and 2019.

The representative of the regional counsellors belonging to the Rassemblement National party would be at the origin of the complaint according to La Voix du Nord. He critcized the payment of expenses for the LR and UDI parties by the Regional Council. These parties have immediately rejected the accusation, ensuring that these meetings took place to work on public policy topics. The investigation should help establishing the truth in this affair.

Lille: an employee was stealing equipments at the hospital before selling it on the Internet

An employee of the Calmette hospital in Lille was placed under court supervision for misappropriation of public assets. He has stolen medical equipment and was selling it on the internet.

The sale of stolen equipment on classified ad websites may affect both companies and public organizations. The investigation by a private detective can help finding the thief and collecting evidence.

Dunkirk: five former policemen sentenced for theft on their workplace

The facts date back to 2014. Five former policemen belonging to the anti-crime division (BAC) in Dunkirk had obtained stolen devices during operations. They had been suspended after an investigation by the IGPN inspectors. Four of them have acknowledged the facts and have been sentenced to six and eight months of suspended prison. The last one, who denied the facts, has been acquitted.

Dunkirk: a dermatologist sentenced to three years of suspended prison and the reimbursement of almost one million euros

In the press review of March 2020, we talked about the fraudulent acts of a dermatologist near Dunkirk: illegal practice of medicine, social security fraud and tax fraud. The Court in Dunkirk has sentenced her this month to three years of suspended prison and the reimbursement of around one million euros to social security and the tax office. The judge decided to let her exercising, to help her paying back the amounts owed.

Hazebrouck: a woman sentenced for scam and abuse of weakness on a man in his eighties

Already sentenced to one year of prison in 2019 for the scam on a octogenarian in Dunkirk, a woman has been judged this month for another scam on a 80 years old man in the city of Hazebrouck.

The woman was approaching vulnerable males in shopping centers in order to obtain money against several kinds of services, from cleaning to so-called sentimental relationships. This time she obtained about 40 K€ in a few months only. She has been sentenced to eight months of prison and the reimbursement of the total amount.

On cases of scam with abuse of weakness, the investigation of a private detective may demonstrate the fraudulent manipulation and bring evidence before filling a complaint. See our page about our investigation services for individuals to know more.