Northern France: Fraud Press Review (January 2021)

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Main fraud news in the North of France in January: a huge VAT fraud with luxury cars in Lille, a case of embezzlement in a private high school near Boulogne-Sur-Mer, and a former bailiff judged for serious fraud and breach of trust near Dunkirk.

Lille: an important VAT fraud involving luxury cars resellers, a prejudice of 7 million euros for the French tax authorities

Fifteen people have been arrested in Lille as they are suspected of an important VAT fraud. They would have imported around 1 000 luxury cars from the European Union during five years. They were buying the cars without VAT in the other EU member states, and producing fake documents regarding the payment of VAT in these countries. The prejudice is estimated around 7 million euros of VAT rights. The vehicles were then sold in the north of France. Around 2 million euros have been seized by the authorities, and four people have been held in prison while six others have been placed under judicial supervision.

Boulogne-sur-Mer: around 70 000 euros embezzled in a private high school

A former employee of a private high school in Saint-Martin-Boulogne has been judged for breach of trust in January. The former treasurer of the employee representative committee has recognized having embezzled a total amount of 70 000 euros between 2015 and 2019. He has been sentenced to ten months of suspended prison and the reimbursement of the prejudice to its former employer.

Gravelines: a former bailiff judged for serious fraud and breach of trust

A former bailiff in Gravelines, near Dunkirk, has been judged for breach of trust, serious fraud and forgery. She had sold her office to another bailiff in 2005. The buyer had discovered many fraudulent activities which caused the increase of the purchase price by 100 000 euros. The former bailiff had invoiced abusive or fake services, and her fees were sometimes higher than the regulated prices. The public prosecutor has required a sentences of 2 years of prison, the reimbursement of the prejudice to the buyer, and the definitive prohibition from exercising bailiff’s activities. The decision will be known in March 2021.