Prevent and counter threats

Solvest investigates and provides evidence in an investigation report admissible in a legal action for the defense of your company's interests.

Solvest assists companies facing damages caused by an employee, a competitor or a third party. Whether unfair competition, theft or fraud, we implement an appropriate strategy for each case of investigation. We seek the truth and bring tangible evidence to end the losses suffered.

Thanks to the professional experience of its founder in finance and industrial controlling, Solvest perfectly knows the industrial environment and the risks and issues faced by companies.

In most cases, our investigations include on-site surveillance. We may also realize administrative, financial or digital investigations.

A detailed investigation report will be written at the end of the mission. Private investigators reports are admissible in a legal action in France as long as they respect somes rules regarding privacy and the proportionality in the means deployed.


Unfair competition

Theft and disclosure of lists of clients, denigratory competition, enticement of employees


Internal or external theft of the company assets (materials, finished products, raw materials, spare parts...)

Employee absenteeism

Control of the sick leave veracity, checking possible concealed work by the employee in sick leave


Corporate fraud, assets and funds misappropriation, external attacks, social engineering

Industrial property

Trademark and patent infringement, counterfeit. Location of the attack origin, seeking evidence.

Due diligence

Investigations prior to a merger or acquisition, legal cases, corporate affiliations, risk analysis

Tracing people

Current adresses and situation of bad debtors or beneficiaries, assets tracing, solvency analysis


Appliers background checks before hiring (professional experience and studies verification)

Unfair competition

Decrease of turnover, loss of customers, deterioration of the brand’s image, massive departure of employees… the consequences of unfair competition may jeopardize your company stability. Its origins may be internal or external. The misappropriation of the customers base, the breach of a non-competition clause, the enticement of employees or denigratory behaviours are different forms of unfair competition. Solvest deploys the best investigation strategy in order to confirm the infringement origin and provide evidence which can be used in civil or penal proceedings.

Employee absenteeism

When a sick leave is justified by inaccurate of inexistent causes, it may have several consequences for the employer: workforce disorganization, replacement cost, negative effects on the other employees motivation… In some cases the “fake” sick leave is even linked to unfair competition, for instance an employee working in a concealed way for a competitor or developping his own activity. Solvest supports your company facing these issues in compliance with the labour law and the protection of the employees privacy.

Due diligence

You are in the process of acquiring a company, or considering the entry of a new shareholder. The due diligence is an audit of the acquisition risks and the situation of the target company. For the accounting and financial part, this process is usually carried out by audit companies, or the internal control departments of large companies. In addition, Solvest can audit the risks and background of the target company management, and check their potential relationships with other players in your industry. We are operational in France and abroad so that you can invest with total peace of mind.

Debtors tracing

A debtor can not be located, and you are in a deadlock while recovering your payment? Solvest investigates to localize debtors and helps you to reach them or involve a bailiff to collect receivables. In some cases, the investigation can also target uninformed creditors, for an instance for a dormant bank account. People tracing is subject to a fixed fee which is due only after positive results.


The theft in company has direct consequences on the company’s P&L. It may affect raw materials, spare parts, finished products, tools. In many cases, the origin of the infraction is uncertain and may be the result of a malicious arrangement within the company, or even involve subcontractors or third parts. This kind of investigation requires the highest discretion in order to obtain evidence without jeopardizing the social balance of your company. We will establish together the best strategy and the means to deploy in order to demonstrate the theft and prevent any future risks.


Corporate fraud, organized and extended over long periods, may be difficult to detect within the company. Its consequences for the company are none the less harmful. Fraud can be present in different departments of the company: accounting, procurement, operations, sales. It can be done by a single employee, but also by an organized network inside and outside the company. We use various techniques to elucidate the cases of fraud, through administrative, financial or on-site investigation.

Industrial property infringements

A competitor infriges your brand or uses a patented techology without your agreement? A counterfeit version of one of your products appeared on the market and you don’t know its origins? The activities of a company aims to deliberately confuse your customers? We support your business and investigate to discover the infringement origins and provide evidence to put an end to the prejudice and recover damages.

Pre-employment investigation

You are about hiring a new employee in a key position of your organization? To find the perfect candidate is not always an easy task, and the reality of the first months of employment is sometimes different from the expectations placed while signing the job contract. Solvest does pre-employment investigation in order to check the accuracy of the curriculum vitae, for instance the educational and professional background. This service is subject to a fixed fee and will help you to hire the right candidate.


You company faces a prejudice caused by an employee or a competitor? You want to prevent risks or you are preparing a legal procedure?