Defend your interests beyond borders

Solvest leads and performs private investigation abroad for both companies and individuals.

At Solvest, international is part of our DNA. Thanks to our strategic position in the north of France, we are able to lead investigation related to Belgium and the United Kingdom. We collaborate with recognized private investigators in these countries, in order to realize investigation in compliance with the national regulations.

Beyond French borders, Solvest also has expertise in several regions of Europe, thanks to the professional experience of its founder. We are able to investigate in Spain and Romania, where our languages skills, our knowledge of the countries specifics and our network make us your first-choice partner.

You are looking for a private investigator abroad? We advise you on the best strategy for investigating legally in Europe.



Following the accession of Romania to the European Union in 2007, and the end of the transitory period and restrictions in 2014, the flows of people between Romania and Western Europe have increased significantly. About 3.5 million Romanian nationals are living in the Western European countries, mainly in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK.

In the other direction, many companies from Western Europe have established business units or partnerships in Romania, benefiting from a quality workforce at competitive costs in a growing market.

Romania is one of the three EU countries most exposed to corruption (with Hungary and Bulgaria) according to the Transparency International index. While corruption of a part of the political sphere has been widely publicised recently, it also affects both local and foreign companies.

Thanks to its good knowledge of the country and its language, and its network of authorized professionals, Solvest is your preferred interlocutor to lead investigation in Romania. We also support your company in the search and selection of business partners in Romania, or in due diligence before merger and acquisition operations.


With agencies in Lille and Dunkirk, Solvest is located in the heart of the Franco-Belgian border region, a very dense and dynamic area. The Eurometropolis of Lille-Kortrijk-Tournai is the largest cross-border metropolis in Europe with 2.1 million inhabitants. On the coast side, the Côte d’Opale in France and the Belgian coast lay on a continuous urban area, dense in tourism and industry.

The exchanges between the North of France and Belgium are daily, historical and durable. Many companies operate on both sides of the Franco-Belgian border. There are also many transactions between individuals of both countries.

It is therefore frequent that an investigation started in France is carried on in Belgium. Solvest leads cross-border investigations together with authorized private investigators in Belgium.

United Kingdom

Despite the changes following Brexit, the flows of capital, goods and people will remain important between United Kingdom and the north of France. Calais is the main gateway for maritime and rail transport from UK.

Being located on the Côte d’Opale in Dunkirk, Solvest is competent to lead investigation on both sides of the North Sea. We are able to seek the truth and provide evidence to defend your interests both in France and in the United Kingdom.


Spain is the favorite touristic destination for many European citizen, including british and french tourists. On the business side, there are many exchanges and partnerships between the companies of Northern Europe and Spain.

The density of these flows between Spain and the other European countries necessarily creates legal situations where it will be useful to call a private investigator. Solvest is competent to realize investigation and provide proofs in Spain for both companies and individuals.


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