COVID-19: Follow-up of the epidemic by French region using open data

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Open data on the coronavirus epidemic in France

The access to open data and their use to understand the coronavirus crisis is a subject of major concern for Solvest. The high range of data presented in medias, the communication of year-to-date figures rather than daily figures, and sometimes the lack of synthesis and graphic representation may make this crisis difficult to follow-up.

A high quantity of open data exist as Santé Publique France publishes figures everyday on These raw data are available to everybody. We use these data to build the following charts, with the only objective to give a synthetic and visual overview of the epidemic evolution in France.

The next charts are updated on a daily basis with the data published by Santé Publique France. They are made available by Solvest and can be freely embedded on external websites (contact us for technical details).

Number of patients in intensive care

The authorities often state that the number of patients in intensive care is the main indicator to follow up the epidemic. Datas by department are published on a daily basis by Santé Publique France. However it is not easy to find a graphic representation of these figures in the French medias.

The chart below shows the evolution in time of the patients in intensive care by French region, and gives a view on the pressures linked to the hospitals capacities.

The three charts below show the daily evolution of the number of new patients in intensive care with different granularities: at the French level, by region and by department. This helps to see the peak of the epidemic. Select a region or a department at the top of the charts.

Number of deaths in hospitals

The number of deaths caused by the coronavirus is another important indicator to follow up the epidemic, even if there is a lag between the actual situation and the deaths.

The figures shown below only include the deaths in hospitals, as the other deaths (in retirement homes or at home) have been published late by the authorities. It is not possible to situate those deaths in time accurately.

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